What Should Your Macros Be on a Keto Diet?

What Should Your Macros Be on a Keto Diet?

Macros are the nutrient ratios that you adhere to whenever you get on a low carb or keto diet. Typically, most keto dieters follow a plan that allows between 60-75% fat grams, between 15-30% protein grams and between 5-10% grams of carbs according to the total number of calories consumed.

One thing you need to know is that most people track their net carbs, not their total carbs. Tools like MyFitnessPal will automatically track your total carbs, but you can use Chrome Extensions like Tamper Monkey to get the net carbs calculated within MyFitnessPal.

Net carbs are when you take the total carbs and subtract the dietary fiber from it. The fiber won’t negatively affect you, so it’s a non issue when calculating your macros to track.

If you buy low carb packaged foods, they’ll often have the net carbs listed on the front of the package. Slim Fast High Protein shakes, for example, have 6 total carbs. But when you subtract the 5 grams of dietary fiber, it means the drink has a total of 1 net carb.

If you’re extremely athletic, then you might want to go on the higher end of the carb intake – the 30 grams, as opposed to 20. But that’s only because your body needs more fuel, so if you’re sedentary, stick to the 20 grams instead.

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When you calculate the macro nutrients, you’ll want to think of the micronutrients that could impact your health, too. These are the vitamins and minerals you need to ensure you get plenty of for your meals.

You can ensure this by choosing the right carbohydrates for your diet. Carbs are what your body uses for fuel, until you go into a state of ketosis and it begins burning fat instead.

You’d probably be shocked if you tallied up how many carbs you normally consume on a regular basis. It’s not just sitting down with a bag of potato chips – it’s the hidden carbs found in ketchup, for example, that send your numbers soaring. Choose leafy greens as your carbs so that you enjoy plenty of vitamins and minerals with your keto diet.

Don’t overload on the protein, because it can negatively impact your kidneys. Stay at the right macro levels that allow your body the necessary protein to grow and heal tissue in the body.

The fats you choose will help energize your body and use the vitamins you take in. It will keep your hair and skin balanced and contribute to healthy cells. Avoid trans fats and focus on healthy ones, like those found in avocados and salmon.

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